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Global Union 2050
Natalina Litvinova

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Global Kids Meditation «Happy Planet»


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                            Model Harmonious Global Governance

Global Ethics
Global Law
Global Culture

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                 The Scientific Council of the Global Union 2050 develops and implements

                  programs for the  harmonious management of planetary institutions

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    New global security standards

    Schumann frequency as a global security benchmark

    Ideal matrix of life

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    FOR MANKIND (Noo-Constitution)

    The Noospheric Ethical - Ecological Constitution of Humanity is the main legislative act

    establishing the fundamental legal principles and provisions of the organization of the vital

    activity of human society. The establishment of these principles and provisions forms a

    single cosmically significant civilization and preserves its well-being.

    Liubov  Gordina (с)

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    Global Law

    Global Law is the highest regulator of planetary processes based on universal indicators of the stability of the planet and human health"

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    Digital  Dangers  Index - DDI
    the index of stress of the global information space. The index of dangerous voltage is higher than permissible for optimal life activity of a person. Monitoring of the global information space   
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    Blockchain   Status   Leader 
    digital resource of the electoral system of the UN member states
    data set: BIG DATA and digital diagnostics (screening) of the candidate’s emotional and physical health. The digital portrait is also formed as a result of monitoring the publications of the candidate with an assessment of their focus - on creation and consolidation or conflict and destruction
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    Planetary ethics

    the most important part of the philosophy of the Planetary Project. Planetary ethics represents the moral basis and value code for building a biocompatible, harmonious and manageable



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    World  Blockchain  Jurisdiction

    The concept of WBJ is to create a global supranational blockchain network

    that will operate on the basis of an international convention, and its miners

    will not be individual citizens or companies


    Global  Kids  Meditation "Happy Planet"

    Children's meditation outside of religions, outside of confessions, it is aimed at accepting responsibility for the health of the planet, full of faith in the power of unity, trust in teamwork, love for a single living space.


    International Center for Rehabilitation of Children Surviving Environmental Disasters and Military Conflicts


     GLOBAL   UNION   2050 

     Mission: humanization  digital  era

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