Global Kids Meditation        «Happy Planet»

The basis of the idea is a scientific fact:




 We will turn to our SUNS, to our children, to become rays of love and support of our beloved planet Earth.


To fill it with your care, to merge in a single space of life for C-CREATION of a healthy, clean Planet

We invite adults to support this action of love and light with participation and coverage in their social networks and media resources.

The action is charitable.
but it takes a lot to participate:

  • Responsible for the health of the planet

  • faith in the power of unity

  • trust teamwork

  • love for a single living space

  • accepting yourself as the creator of your life


Meditation for a child​:

а universal resource that allows you to be an active participant in events at any time, at any point in space, to form and harmonize your steps and actions

Meditation - access to the meta level, the ability to rise above the norms and cliches of social life, an instrument of unconditional freedom of Creation

Meditation (lat. Meditatio - meditation) - the state of concentration on the chosen object. Our object of reflection is the planet Earth.

Meditation gives children the opportunity:

- relax with ease
- free the mind from stress
- manage emotions
- strengthen the immune system
- develop emotional intelligence
- teach to listen to your body
- increase the ability to concentrate
- develop imagination as the basis of creativity

"Children with the purity of their souls give us minutes of togetherness
with the original source ... Their unconditional conquers depth.
And at the time of meditation, we remember that we created
One, and our children love repository!

Fatima Hadueva
Journalist. TV presenter.
Master of spiritual practices.

Meditation comes back to itself, helps to hear the voice of the heart, relieve the stress of the metropolis, I wish every person to find this bottomless source. This technique is very important for children! This is a means of concentration for learning! And most importantly - they will always have a tool, how to be yourself!

Sati Kazanova, singer

"All life as a result should be a silent prayer, meditation, but what should begin with a small"



Inga Goncharova
Director of the World of Good Foundation, public figure, actress, model, philanthropist


forms the basis of new socialization:


  • Concurrence

  • responsibility

  • dedication



Anastasia and Andrey Yavnye 

“Meditation is the art of the mind to be even.

Meditation is a developmental game for consciousness and spirit.
A child who has learned the game of meditation, is able to create around him a unique atmosphere that is filled with joy, calmness and confidence; such a child is modern, selective, protected from stress and is able to critically evaluate others.

In each case, it is unique.
In general, a person who has learned the game of meditation as a child is the life that he wants to be!

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Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan


When you meditate, you come closer to yourself. There is absolutely no emotion that you feel when you are meditating.


if you practice it regularly, you reach the stage of not coming back to the materialistic world. Meditation is one of the most beautiful things we all are blessed with. Yet, not a lot of people are into this practice.

Dreaming of meditating is the most spiritualistic dream you would ever get in your life. To dream of meditating in an open area or in the midst of mother earth depicts your passion towards yourself. You are attuned with your higher self and know where you stand in your waking life. 

Розум 1.jpg


The International Charitable Foundation Yuri Rozum has a great educational and charitable work.

Pupils and scholars show outstanding results both at school and in performances.


However, it should be noted that the children bear a tremendous burden

 A large amount of subjects, rehearsals, flights, stress and tension before going on stage.

 Meditation for each of us is the innermost moments of union with ourselves and with the Supreme. A simple and accessible resource for harmonizing one’s condition is necessary for each child to fully reveal their talents and capabilities.



Mr. Dalbir Singh

Meditation is a great facilitator for building peace and harmony in societies and communities


"Meditation has been practised in India since last 3000 years a spiritual helps to retain balance between physical emotional and intellectual attributes..


It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and is therapeutic for treating trauma and depression.It is a great facilitator for building peace and harmony in societies and communities..Itstrengthens immune systems and inculcates discipline and tolerance in human beings..For centuries it has been used to raise the level of human consciousness