Global   Union   Technologies

Global Union 2050 supports and introduces planetary equilibrium technology.

Technologies that meet the standards of a global union are aimed at purifying and stabilizing the ecosystem of planet Earth and forming a harmonious person.

Let's do it together. We will help
- to scientists
- to humanity
- Planet

......give the children a healthy Earth


We present the unique greenBLAZE energy complexes designed to transform all types of carbon-containing waste and materials into environmentally friendly energy carriers

Universal mobile systems greenBLAZE are able to convert all types of wastes and materials into high-grade synthetic motor fuel (non-frezzing “ARCTIC” diesel and / or petrol with octane rating 98-100), heat and electric energy

Conversion technology is based on innovative safe and eco-friendly method of high-temperature vacuum destruction. It allows reaching matchless quality of end market products and provides the highest level of efficiency and operation performance

Global problem

The main problem of humanity:
- not enough drinking water


- soil drought
- water pollution
- oil spill
- discharge of industrial waste

causes of mass extinction of animals, death of people, the beginning of local wars and conflicts over the distribution of vital resources



mobile treatment plant

Mobile container-type design

HYDROSOR is delivered worldwide in isothermal 40-feet container and can be easily relocated if needed

Eco-friendly operation

HYSROSOR discharges NO toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Safety level of residual by-products comply with 4th toxicity class


High purification quality

Purification from heavy metals and salts, organic compounds, including PCB and petroleum & oil lubricants, from pharmacological and hormonal drugs, antibiotics, from pathogenic flora, including fungal and viral infections

Global problem


SEVA is a sustainable power unit designed for the utilization and conversion of exhaust gases into electrical and thermal energy.

SEVA converts exhaust energy generated by internal combustion engines, in particular gasoline, diesel and gas engines, gas turbine power plants and heating boilers, into useful electric power

Autonomy - SEVA can be located anywhere, regardless of infrastructure or climate zone

Unique structure and environmental safety

Low maintenance cost (no more than once a year), all spare parts always in stock

SEVA is able to provide consumers with electrical and thermal energy 24/7

High quality electricity and a significant reduction in cost per 1 kW ∙