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Natalina Litvinova

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Dear friends! Pleased to welcome you!

Natalina Litvinova - the author of projects of planetary equilibrium

  • Founder of the Global Union 2050

  • President of the World Development Resource Foundation "The Birth of the World"

  • Founder of the International Peacekeeping Assembly

  • President of the International Committee for the Digital Economy BRICS

  • PhD,  Associate Professor

Full member:


  • Associations of Lawyers of Russia

  • Russian Union of Writers

  • International Union of Economists

  • Media Association Press

  • Russian Academy of Law

  • International Company - NT.Payments (Abu Dhabi)

  • Eurasian Information and Analytical ConsortiumExpert:



  • Institute for Information Security Problems of Moscow State University Lomonosov 

  • Institute of Digital Economics and Law

  • National Center manager certification

  • Head of the scientific expert group on the development of bills

  • Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

  • Russian and foreign media

  • New Development Bank

  • #SayFuture

  • International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities






  1. Publishing Group "Lawyer"

  2. Publisher "Author's book"

  3. Security Media Portal "Keeper"

  4. Bulletin of the International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities

  5. Journal of Moscow State Law Academy. Kutafina "Law and Digital Economy"

Software Developer:

  1. Blockchain Status Leader - is an innovative resource of electoral technologies. Digital passport of candidates for elective posts

  2. Digital Dangers Index - DDI criterion for the stress of the global information space. Hazardous voltage index is higher than acceptable for optimal human life. Monitoring the global information space (1,000,000 sites)

  3. Blockchain City Class - an educational project of the International Committee for the Digital Economy aimed at increasing the level of financial literacy of citizens

  4. Ecology of Consciousness - Edition of the “Doctrine of Information Security of the Russian Federation”, No. 546 of December 5, 2016

  5. Digital economy for the leadership of the regions. Concept. Competences. Resources - training program for heads of regions of Russia (Federal Forum "Cities of Russia 2030)

  6. International Peacekeeping Assembly - a system of public diplomacy projects

  7. International Rehabilitation Center for Children Survived by War and Local Conflicts

  8. Information - psychological culture of the individual. Institute of Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  9. Self-regulation within the framework of certification according to the Russian standard “Personal ecology of the head” of the National Certification Authority Center “Self-regulation as an innovative standard of personal ecology of the head”


Professional interests: public administration, security, countering terrorism, information-psychological culture of the individual, public diplomacy, culture, education

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