ADGEX Company and Global Union 2050 launch large-scale strategic collaboration.

ADGEX Company and Global Union 2050 launch large-scale strategic collaboration.

ADGEX Company is pleased to announce the establishment of the strategic alliance on planetary security with Global Union 2050.

Mr Victor Uzlov, Chairman & Managing Director of ADGEX, highlights the unity of the Companies’ purpose will be conductive to creation of harmonious ecosystems globally. While cooperating on preliminary drafts the Parties proved to be working cohesively in the fields of staff and information support, conducting competent marketing policy, as well as managing ADGEX projects and moving them forward to the international level.

The founder of Global Union 2050 Ms Natalina  Litvinova is recognized as a world leader. For over a decade she has been dealing with Systems Governing Planetary Processes by means of Global Law. Moreover, she is a prominent public figure, a scientist, a spokesperson, and a successful investor in smart start-ups.

Check out the Global Union 2050’s official website:

Having a common mission, both collaborating Parties are sure to bring about a safe future for the humanity. The new alliance will above all implement joint projects on this issue and also actively promote other ADGEX strategies.

According to both Parties, planetary security issues remain among the most relevant in the medium-to-long term. To achieve their goals, the Companies have already created the first shared platform uniting concerned progressive world’s leaders and socially responsible companies.










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ADGEX Company considers strategic collaboration with Global Union 2050 as a significant and timely action in engaging the Company into the global scene and creating additional competence centres.

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