Andrey Yavnye for the Global kids Meditation "Happy Planet". Meditation - Talent Management

Meditation is an ability management resource.

There are transcendental principles that help and even command us to overcome and destroy all the pillars of knowledge in the knowledge and enter new lands. And I, following Kant, are sure that a person has transcendental abilities that he can develop in himself, and thanks to which he can show his genius.

The boundaries are determined by how much a person believes in his transcendental abilities, in his genius and how persistently he goes along the path of development of these abilities.

Meditation helps to develop and manage these abilities.

It’s incredibly important for a person to start exploring meditation at an early age, this will save the child from many possible barriers, mistakes and triggers.

Andrey Yavnye #AndreyYavnye

writer, philosopher, international public figure