Azerbaijan participant Global Kids Meditation«Happy Planet» since 2014

It is known that Love is an invincible creative force! Love heals, creates new worlds and Life in them⭐

Our Planet 🌍 Mother Earth needs healing and purification. Today, many people participate in these processes, conduct actions for the physical cleaning of the seas and Oceans, soils and the atmosphere.

ОBut, it is also known that the Planet is a rational living creature, and it expects from us, its inhabitants, Light and Love for support and complete healing, as scientific research has proved that thought changes matter!

💎 As OSHO Teacher said, “Meditation is the medicine of the future!” And the future belongs to the children! And they are the purest vehicles of True Love, and perfectly master and apply Meditation!

💎Earth and all Planets are evolving, increasing their energy vibrations. Meditation only, with the concentration of thought on Peace, Light and Love, also increases the level of vital energy of meditators, gives balance and emotional stability, improved memory, a positive attitude, reveals creative abilities.

💎The benefits of Meditation cannot be overestimated. I was fortunate enough to hold twice children's meditations under the auspices of the Global Children's Meditation project "Happy Planet" in 2014 and in 2016, in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. And after meditation on the promise of the Earth, Light and Love, children shared their feelings and visual pictures that arose during meditation.

⭐ A boy of 9 years old saw a fresh wind 💨 from the Light that blew the Planet, blowing dirt, evil, wars and natural disasters from it! Earth 🌍 became clean, blooming, with new plants, healthy and kind animals and the same peaceful people!

Master Teacher REIKI☀️

psychotherapist, instructor of Meditation and Qigong, Russian folk healer, Ambassador of the Happy Planet global children's meditation. Azerbaijan

Nadezhda POPOVA- Sofiyskaya

#GlobalkidsMeditation 03/20/2020