Digital technologies "give hope and instill fear"

Digital technologies "give hope and instill fear" - the Head of the #UN at the Forum in St. Petersburg

“The most important role of the UN is to“ look beyond the horizon ”, understand the challenges we face, the opportunities we have - and bring people together on the path to common well-being,” the Secretary General stressed

The development of digital technology, according to Guterres, opens up unprecedented opportunities and at the same time poses new problems, "gives hope and instills fear." First of all, it is the fear that artificial intelligence will replace a person in the labor market. But not only. “We are already witnessing the devastating effects of cyber attacks, as well as threats to privacy and human rights violations,” he said. “The Internet, connecting people all over the world, at the same time, spreading the language of enmity, is becoming an instrument of schism.”

Not everyone can take advantage of digital technologies, which are penetrating deeper and deeper into our lives: almost half of humanity does not have access to the World Wide Web. “Our task is to reduce the‘ digital divide ’, develop digital technologies and put them in the service of good,” the Secretary General believes.

Climate change is another problem that has arisen in our time and has become larger than previous forecasts. António Guterres called on states to come to the Climate Summit announced in September with specific proposals and initiatives, including in the area of ​​financing, and the motivation should be "not considerations of charity, but the realization that by doing so they protect their own interests."

Multilateral international cooperation, rejection of narrow national interests, interaction with business, civil society is also in the interests of each state, the Secretary-General states. This is the only way to cope with global problems and make sure that all the inhabitants of the planet can benefit from globalization.

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