Global kids meditation 20/03/2020

Global Union 2050 congratulates on the International Day of yoga and announces the date of the a unique action of unity and creation for the prosperity of the planet will be held on 20/03/ 2020.

At the heart of the concept of scientific fact - the ecology of consciousness affects the ecology of the planet. The objectives of the action are simple and clear to every inhabitant of the Planet

- we all live on planet earth

- we all have children

- we all want to pass a healthy planet to children

Global Kids meditation will be held in the format of a flash mob at 12.00 - children's activities 20.03.2020 - concerts, performances, sports event and others will lead the meditation with a wish of prosperity for the planet Earth. The action was supported by prominent public figures and cultural figures. Global children's meditation has been going on since March 2014. Invite to cooperation.

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