Global Kids Meditation "Happy Planet" is presented in the UN Information Center #UN

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

President of the Global Union 2050 - Natalina Litvinova presented the project Global Kids Meditation “Happy Planet” at the UN Information Center. During the meeting, the director of the center Vladimir Kuznetsov got acquainted with the leading UN programs and noted a wide range of areas of cooperation.

During the presentation, Natalina Litvinova noted that today the need for quick and effective work for the benefit of the planet is well recognized by the new generation. One of the main supranational resources of the unity of Western and Eastern culture is meditation.

The project is implemented outside of religions, outside faiths, outside of politics, based on universal values ​​and secular practice of awareness.

The project idea is based on a scientific fact: the ecology of consciousness affects the ecology of the planet. The culture of thinking, the ecology of consciousness are the main competencies of the new conscious generation.

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Following the meeting, Natalina Litvinova sent an official letter of support for the project to the Director of the Information Center.


We thank Vitaliy R. Korneev - Generalist company, for organizing the meeting.













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