Global Kids Meditation"Happy planet"- Press release

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Global Kids Meditation "Happy Planet" on UN International Day of Happiness


In the modern period, the world has faced the growth of global problems. Humanity

must learn to solve them together, quickly and efficiently.

Meditation is a resource of unity and harmonization of Western and Eastern culture for the benefit of the Earth and all of humanity, and the value of this is well recognized by the new generation.

The idea is based on a scientific fact - the ecology of consciousness affects the ecology of the Planet.

The Global Union 2050 announces the Global Kids Meditation

"Happy Planet" on March 20, 2020 dedicated to the UN International Happiness Day.

Kids meditation outside of religions, outside of faiths, outside of politics is aimed at

creating a culture of collective work for the benefit of the planet.

Global Kids meditation fosters responsibility for the health of the planet, gives faith in

the power of unity, trust in teamwork, love for a single living space.

March 20, 2020 we invite the children of the world to send their love and attention

to Planet Earth.

March 20, 2020 we invite teachers, educators, tutors, masters, yoga and

meditation instructors to organize children's meditations in their cities and


The format of the event: colleagues, hold any event: performance, lecture, concert,

mass sports, planting of flowers, trees and in the end - general meditation - a wish for

prosperity of the Planet. Meditation can be static or dynamic (in motion, in dance).

Dear co-organizers: publish a press release on the Global Kids Meditation “Happy

Planet” under the single and exact name of the project - Global Kids Meditation “Happy Planet”. Place the action logo on your information resources (see Appendix).

Participants will see the results of the hashtag project - #GlobalKidsMeditation. Create a single information field for cooperation.

The action was supported by prominent public figures and cultural figures, writers,

artists, scientists and spiritual leaders:

Yuri Rozum - National artist of Russia, President of the International Charity

Fund Yuri Rozum, pianist, philanthropist

Yogesh Joshi - Founder: Brand India Summit & Rural Brand India Summit,

President: ABCI, Recipient: Grand Davos Award

Victor Hagel - General Director of BERLIN24 Radio Station. Germany

Andrey Yavny - Co-chairman of the International Publishers Forum, Writer,

public figure

Diana Mashkova - Writer, Author of projects on adoption of children in Russia

Jan Bederman - Head of the Intuitive Music Orchestra, Laureate Grammy


Xenia Alan Ferz - Editor-in-chief of the media portal “Loyalroyal”. Spain

Srimathy Kesan - President of «Space Kidz”. India

Inga Goncharova - President of the World Charitable Foundation «World of


Dr. Jayakumar Venkatesan - UN expert on Space Law and Space Policy, Vice

President of the International Academy of Space Law

Mr. Dalbir Singh - Head of Department of the National Congress of India.

Marty-Ocean Eagle Daniel - International public figure. USA

Plamen Miletkov - President of the Assembly of the Peoples of Bulgaria.


Inna Verzhbitskaya - Director of the International Cultural Festival

(Internationales Kultur und Wissenschafts festival) - «EURIADE». Germany

Irina Minkovskaya - Head of the media information portal of compatriots.


Veda Ram - painter - illustrator of the world's first complex of children's

meditations “Kid and the Universe. Basics of co-creation»

Vitaly Grebnev - Architect, President of the 21st Century Corporation

Natalya Mesitova - Chairman of the International Committee for Humanitarian

Cooperation and Sustainable Development of the Dialogue of Cultures of the

Eurasian Organization for Economic Cooperation (EEC)

Sati Casanova - Russian ethnic singer

Georgy Gorgiladze - Record-holder World Guinness,

Member of the Russian Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance International

Tatyana Lanskaya - Director of the International Foundation for the

Promotion of Culture «Belcanto»

Pavel Blagoev Nikolov – Head of children's programs at the Russian Center for

Science and Culture (RCSC) in Sofia. Bulgaria.

Merinda Garrett

International Public Figure, Interior Designer, Poet, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Founder of "The SoulFull Home". Australia

Anton Zorkin – TV presenter of Junior Eurovision

Information partners: “Loyalroyal” - an information portal on global values,

BERLIN24 radio stations, “Soulful Moscow” - an information portal of the Department

of Culture and Mass Communications of the Moscow Government, “Canadapress” - a

Canadian media portal, “Russian World and Abroad: A Dialogue of Cultures” ,

«Mapmess» is a global geolocation platform, Canada, Journal of the Eurasian

Organization for Economic Cooperation Eurasia Plus.

Participating countries - Russia, India, Bulgaria, Germany, USA, Israel, Canada - turn

on and expand the geography of the action of love and unity in the name of the Planet.

The action was held for the first time in 2014

The author of the project is Natalina Litvinova, President of the Global Union 2050,

scientist, writer, diplomat, public figure. Implemented projects in the BRICS and the

European Union.

Regards and warmth,

Global Union Organizing Committee 2050


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