A wonderful event took place - Global kids Meditation "Happy Planet"

03/20/2020 a wonderful event took place- we painted #NeuroTreeHappinessPlane Global kids  Meditation "Happy Planet" #GlobalKidsMeditation. Thanks to everyone who was with us !! Together with us, children and their parents from Omsk, Astrakhan, Bashkiria, Moscow, Belarus drew. Total attended by about 200 people. In Omsk, the event and broadcast of Vasiliev Larisa - Ambassador Global Union 2050, public figure, honorary education worker of the Russian Federation, neurography specialist.

We were supported by Inessa Tryukhanova, Astrakhan (teacher-psychologist MBDOU No. 105), Galina Teplykh, Bashkiria (specialist in neurography), Ivan Vasiliev (teacher of continuing education, Inessa Tryukhanova, Astrakhan (teacher-psychologist MBDOU №105). Inessa did blanks samples of neurodrev and decorated with children drawings. Galina Teplykh, Bashkiria (Neurography Specialist) drew with us online. “At the beginning of the drawing, the children talked about the planet and why the planet trees. Rodion (6 years old) said that without trees there would be no water, told how leaves clean the air. Mirochka (10 years old) spoke about underground rivers.  Then everyone discussed why the planet from space is blue. And what color is there more on the planet? - green and blue. She offered to help the planet and asked the children why we can help her and whether the Earth needs help. Here are the ideas children raced races. Rodion said that the planet belongs to ants, bees and trees, and we are guests. “This is their land!” Mirochka argued, but agreed. All together decided that the planet needed happiness, then all living would be happy. Magic lines came to the rescue happiness. They painted fun, fast and in a hurry of happiness to give more and more. Miroslava sentenced - our country, we love you, do not leave us. Having finished one drawing, they decided that this was not enough and drew more. Talked to the sun with the rain. Magical! Between the case, they launched birds in their drawings, deciding that magic birds were needed for magic trees. We had fun and rejoiced! ” Also, the action was attended by pupils from the tourist association "Rusichi" BOU TO Omsk "SYUTur" A teacher of additional education of the highest category, Ivan Vasilyev conducted dynamic meditation with them.

Partners: We are grateful to the #avizo digital printing center for publishing the book of children's meditations "Baby and Universe. Basics of co-creation "is the first complex of children's meditations in the world, the author is Natalina Litvinova. The children who painted with us in Omsk received books. electronic version of the book was sent to children from other cities

Cafe # FedyaDych_55

Natalia Gorbunova, one of

Founders #FedyaDych_55, kindly providing us with a cozy location


to the little participants in Global kids Meditation Mira (10 years), Rodion (6 years), Sergeyev Nikita. Omsk (5 years) Arina Vasilieva, Moscow (4.5 g), Victoria Romanets and her work (6 years. Omsk) with their debut participation in the project, and we sincerely thank you for the good wishes to the Planet!