Global Union 2050 Introduces Veda Ram

Global Union 2050 Introduces Veda Ram - singer, artist, illustrator of the unique book "The Kid and the Universe. Fundamentals of Co-creation" - the world's first complex of children's meditations in verse. The book is presented at the International Forum of Publishers in Europe and at the International Moscow Book Festival.

Work on the design of the book took almost eight months. The Veda Ram created every illustration in the places of power of the Planet. Traveling with her malbert in India, Bali, Nepal and other countries, the artist plunged into meditation to form a complete visual accompaniment of children's meditation.

The author of the book, Natalina Litvinova, answers the question at what age the recommended books are - from the moment of birth, because the book has harmonious visual images and a color spectrum beneficially affecting the positive development of the child. A little older child can do simple and effective meditation on their own as a basic skill of a person of the twentieth century.

During the formation of a global digital platform, increasing the speed of incoming information, devaluing the level and quality of information flows, it is important to be able to distinguish creative information, to form a culture of mental images, which is the basis of psycho-emotional and physical health.

The skill of harmonizing personal living space is a necessary condition - a healthy collective living space on Planet Earth.

The formation of a culture of thought patterns, responsibility for one’s thoughts and words, their impact on the living space of the Planet based on the concept of the Global Kids Meditation "Happy Planet" - 03/20/2020