Natalina Litvinova, President of the Global Union 2050, Head of the BRICS International Committee for the Digital Economy, Ph.D. in Law, Expert of the BRICS New Development Bank BRICS

successfully presented the 2050 Safe Development Concept at the International Law Forum in Cannes (France)

The International Legal Forum “Modern Problems of Law” is a new Eurasian professional platform uniting experts in the field of law and economics. The forum was organized by: ALLIANCE INTERNATIONALE DES JURISTES ET ECONOMISTES (International Alliance of Lawyers and Economists) - President Maria Egorova

The following issues were considered at the plenary session and round tables of the forum:

  • Modern problems of international law and economics

  • Modern problems of international humanitarian law

  • Modern problems and prospects for the development of the digital economy

  • Modern issues of digital technology

  • Problems of harmonization of law and economics

Natalina Litvinova made a presentation at the plenary session: “The humanization of digital technologies in public administration”

The report presents the unique scientific content of the Global Union 2050 Expert Council in the field of information and psychological security, information impact, the results of global monitoring of the information space and the development of the Digital Dangers Index - DDI - stress index of the global information space, Blochain Status Leader - digital resource of the electoral system of countries - UN members.

The unique developments of GlobalUnion 2050 caused a wide resonance among lawyers and scientists from universities in Italy, France, Poland, Malta, and colleagues from Moscow State Law Academy. Kutafina continued discussion of the theses of the report as part of a scientific discussion at the panel sessions of the forum.

Also presented their proposals in the field of law:

Vladimir N. Sinyukov, Vice-Rector for Research, Moscow State Law University M.V. Kutafina (MSAL), Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Scientist of Russia

Alain Duflot (Alain Duflot) founder of Duflot & Partners (Lyon, France), professor at the University of Jean Moulin Lyon III.

Marco Ricceri European Institute for Political, Economic and Social Research (EURISPES)

Fabrice Rosa, Doctor of Law, Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Private Law at the University of Reims Champagne Ardennes, Director of CEJESCO (Center for Legal Research on the Effectiveness of Continental Systems).

Christopher Samuel Hutchinson Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Director for Russia, University of Paris Partnership Program 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne / EHESE

Maxim Tafintsev Chairman of the Russian-Asian Legal Association (RAAA)

Jotham Scerri-Diacono, Managing Partner, Ganado Advocates, Malta

Mario Antinucci SAPIENZA University, Head of the Department of International Relations of the Order of Lawyers of Rome and Vice President of SIRIUS GLOBAL

Gabriella Marcelja, President of SIRIUS GLOBAL - Academic Diplomacy 4.0, Director of Startup Grind and Chief Representative of the Cleantech Cluster in Italy and Croatia

Aldo Spallone (Amarjit Singh Chandhiok), Science Attache for the Italian Embassy in Russia

Amarjit Singh Chandhiok Principal Advisor to the Commission of the European Union, London International Arbitration Court

The forum was the solemn signing of an agreement between Moscow State Law University. Kutafin represented by Mr. Vladimir Sinyukov and the International Committee for the Digital Economy of BRICS represented by Ms. Natalina Litvinova.

Following the forum, it is planned to formulate legislative initiatives in various branches of international law

The forum will continue its work in September 2020

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