Information partners of the Global Union 2050

The unique projects of harmonious global governance of the International Expert Council Global Union 2050 are covered by information partners:

  • Loyalroyal - an information portal on global values

  • BERLIN24 - radio stations Germany

  • Radio Italy

  • Soulful Moscow - an information portal of the Department of Culture and Mass Communications of the Moscow Government

  • CanadaPress - a Canadian media portal

  • Russian World and Abroad: A Dialogue of Cultures - Media portal Russian - Italian cooperation fund

  • MapMess is a global geolocation platform, Canada; Journal of the Eurasian Organization for Economic Cooperation Eurasia Plus

  • Journal of the International Assembly of Capitals and Major Cities

  • Greater Eurasia - a media portal of Eurasian cultural and business cooperation

  • Pandora TV - Italy

  • Khranitel - portal in the field of national security

Information support of the unique project is aimed at the positive integration of Western and Eastern cultures into a single field of creation and cooperation. Today we must lay the foundations of an open dialogue for the new generation at the level of energy - thoughts - words. This mechanism will increase the speed of manifestation, implementation in the material plane of the world of unity and safe development.

We are open to cooperation - join us!