Marty-Ocean Eagle Daniel in support of the Project - Global Kids Meditation "Happy Planet"

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

I see it’s aim Global Kids Meditation «Happy Planet» is aligned with mine and many of my dear friends and Spiritually Enlightened brothers and sisters.

I would be honored to join this movement and participate in bridging borders and countries in an effort to raise the planetary consciousness and vibrations through working with children as well as all humans. I believe children are the purest form of consciousness until the earthly programming steals their power and light. I feel life becomes then becomes a journey to clear our wounds and that which blocks our light from shining into the world. This is a very important year and decade to really push this movement and stand in the forefront to guide the way for those who are waking up and open to a new design for living.

With my heart forward always,

Marty-Ocean Eagle Daniel

American public figure

Author✨Light Being✨Breathworker✨ Self Mastery Student









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