MERINDA GARRETT - Ambassador Global Kids Meditation "Happy Planet". Australia

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

There are many ways children experience the world. Through nature, play, imagination, family, community, education, their senses, environment, innocence and their internal world. It is the internal world of the child that is most sacred. In cities, children have often never touched the earth, been in nature, had opportunities to thrive socially, emotionally or spiritually. If we can touch one child who, through meditation, can access their inner world of beauty and inherent nature of love, they will carry this light into the world as young adults, parents, elders. They are the future custodians of Mother Earth, it's Sentient Beings and Humanity. “Happy Planet” is an initiative that protects the innocence of the child and creates space for them to be who they are, love.


Ambassador Global Kids Meditation  "Happy Planet",

International Public Figure, Interior Designer, Poet, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Founder of "The SoulFull Home". Australia









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