Planetary ethics: in the practical realization of the moral ideal

Planetary ethics: in the practical realization of the moral ideal, both person and society are equally involved. Their complicity is inseparable, they complement each other, since one is impossible without the other, as a part without a whole and a whole without a part. Therefore, the tasks of knowledge and self-knowledge, the acquisition of skills in systems thinking and the formation of a holistic worldview are highly moral tasks. In the same degree as the achievement of freedom and independence of judgment, it is necessary for the individual and the ability to mentally and morally correlate himself with other people and all living beings. In other words, to produce a planetary consciousness.

The moral ideal of a person is allert: a state of harmony between soul and body, physical and spiritual, freedom and discipline, desires and necessity, individuality and collectivism, high goals and humane means of achieving them.

Achieving this ideal is possible through a well-organized and guided, methodologically flawless system of education, education, development of cognitive abilities and physical culture, emotional and rational beginnings in man, the formation and maintenance of mental discipline, the liberation of man from hard work and selfishness. altruistic creativity.

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