Presentation Global Kids Meditation «Happy Planet»

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

The annual forum of educators and specialists in the field of education of the federal network of early childhood development centers "I myself" was held in the largest exhibition center in Russia at VDNH - Center- "Smart City"

Natalina Litvinova, President of the Global Union of 2050, introduced to the professional community the large-scale project 2020 - Global kids Meditation «Happy Planet.


Press release

The Global Union Union 2050 announces the Global kids Meditation «Happy Planet».

The action is aimed at creating a culture of teamwork for the benefit of the Planet. In the modern period, the world has faced the growth of global problems. Humanity must learn to work together quickly and smoothly.

- 20.03.2020 we invite children from all over the world to send their love and

attention to Planet Earth.

- 20.03.2020 we invite adults to organize children's meditations in their cities and


The format of the event is any event - a performance, lecture, concert, sports, planting of flowers and trees - as a result - stand in a circle, hold hands and wish prosperity to the Planet. Meditation can be static or dynamic.

Publish a press release on the Global Kids Meditation "Happy Planet" as the single

name and - #GlobalKidsMeditation #2050.

Send the post release to the organizing committee.

The action was supported by prominent public figures and cultural figures, writers,

artists, scientists. Since 2014


Global Union 2050

Member of the Union of Writers of Russia

Project Author

Natalina Litvinova

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