Reiki - healing yourself and the Planet

Health is the measure of opportunity in our lives. Restore strength easily and quickly at any given time is available to everyone.

Possession of the Reiki system will allow you to conduct healing sessions for yourself and loved ones, to harmonize the events of your life.

In order for your touch to become healing, and work with events effective, you need to get initiation from the Master. At the first stage, we will study the classical practices of healing, diagnosis, meditation.


  • Reiki History, Principles

  • Reiki Code of Ethics

  • classic contact session

  • personal therapy session

  • diagnostics, types of diagnostics

  • self-diagnosis

  • energy center balancing session

  • creating a safe space

  • Reiki meditations on the development of awareness and attention management. Attention as a vector of movement of vital energy


1. The main priority of Reiki is the accessibility of this practice to absolutely all categories of the population, regardless of the level of education, field of activity, religious preferences, age, state of health, and all sorts of other parameters. To work, you only need to get the initiation, which is carried out by the Master Teacher of the Reiki system.

2. Accessibility in the form of the healing session itself. The basis of a Reiki session is the sequential application of hands on the patient’s body in a certain sequence (classic session) or the application of hands on the pathogenic zone. This form of self-help is available for a person at any time and anywhere, does not require any other resources. In a critical situation, a Reiki practitioner can help both yourself and everyone who needs it.

3.Reiki energy - provides healing tools, as well as the key to harmonizing the whole spiritual life of a person. As a result, we are able to resolve many internal conflicts, stabilize the psycho-emotional state, resolve personal crisis situations, and much more. A large percentage of diseases has a psychosomatic origin, harmonizing the spheres of our lives, we remove the complex of blocks at the physical level as the determinants of certain diseases

4. A Reiki practitioner is only a conductor of healing energy during a session, not including his energy field in the work process. Our original energy field is activated, healed, comes into balance

5. Reiki acts, which is important, on the causal level of imbalance in the body.

6. The Reiki natural healing method is both independent, holistic and can act as a complementary (accompanying, complementary) method of official medicine, spiritual practice, the work of a psychological assistance service, combined with homeopathy, massage techniques, osteopathy, lithotherapy and all other types of therapy, but does not require, in contrast to them, special training.

7. The ability to treat oneself and loved ones will be throughout a person’s life. This ability does not disappear, even if you do not actively practice sessions.

8. The Reiki method works correctly - energy comes only with the consent and desire of the person himself. In the healing process, the principle of trinity — healing energy of Reiki, Reiki — therapist, patient, is involved. This provision is noted in the REIKA Code of Ethics

Master Teacher Reiki Natalina Litvinova

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