"Soft Power and Female Influence"

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

A round table was held at the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Sofia (Bulgaria) on the topic of women's influence on the positive development of key social institutions "Soft Power and Female Influence."

The author of the project and the moderator of the round table, Yanina Dubeikovskaya, leads the system of events in this area with an emphasis on the main roles of women in the world (Women Influence Community)

President #GlobalUnion2050 #NatalinaLitvinova presented a personal track of influence through projects of public diplomacy, education, global security.

The head of the Youth Gillia of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Marina Shmatova, presented interesting statistics on the topic of gender determinants of entrepreneurs.

Natalia Altynikova, Vice-Rector for International Relations, Novosibirsk State University, spoke about the unique experience of integrating soft power through education.

From the Bulgarian side, there were unique stories of the integration of the women's vision of development in the field of space programs and associative social activities.








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