Space kidz india - Global Union 2050 represents:

Space Kidz India is an organization that creates Young Scientists for the Country and spreads knowledge about the “world without borders” among children. We creates international experimental education for students in science, technology, art and culture.

We are the first organization in the world to launch satellites for high school students. Also ambassadors in the space camps "NASA", "ESA" and "GCTC Russia", pioneers in organizing international seminars.

SKI also proudly shares with other compatriots that we are the “ONLY ORGANIZATION”, which had the opportunity to represent the country at the 2012 London Olympics, where children performed traditional Indian dance and music. Expanded opportunity to perform at the Royal Hall, South Bank, one of the most prestigious audiences for any artist in London.

Space Kidz India is in constant search of young talents in the field of science and technology, and also provides them with international fame, in addition to expanding the opportunity to meet with prominent Indian scientists and interact with them. The “Young Scientists Program” was designed to raise students' awareness in the natural sciences, improve their understanding of science and attract them to a scientific career, since there is a BIG VACUUM in our research centers. Students were invited to participate in what interests them in order to connect and collaborate with others in new discoveries. "

Space Kidz India is the only organization that launched 9 satellite satellites, 2 suborbital satellites and 1 orbital satellite.

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