The basic principle

The basic principle of understanding nature as from the standpoint of planetary ethics is the recognition of the consistency of the physical and the spiritual. So, neither in nature nor in the mind, if viewed from the right angle of view, that is, from the standpoint of higher unity of being, the physical and the spiritual do not deny and exclude each other; individual and universal; will, mind and sensuality; man and society; wealth and spiritual benefits, etc. To solve the problem of eradicating dualism in world perception and self-consciousness, curing the inner rupture of a person is, in fact, a planetary ethic.

Equally important is the principle of the universal interconnection of things in the Universe. He points, among other things, to human inclusiveness in the planetary-cosmic ecosystem and its natural history. Indeed, at the genetic and intellectual level, human connections extend to the depths of history and evolution to such an extent that they cover already extinct living species. From this, for a modern person, it is necessary to make only those decisions regarding nature that will not contradict the interests of their descendants and other biological species on the planet.

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