Ukrainian children in support of the Global Kids Meditation "Happy Planet"

March 20, on the Day of the Spring Equinox and UN International Day of Happiness #UN within the framework of the Global Children Meditation Project "Happy Planet", Ukrainian children painted their NeuroTrees of Happiness and conducted a meditation on Prosperity of the Planet.

I thank the author and leader of this wonderful Project - a scientist, writer, diplomat Natalina Litvinova

I admire the talents of Neurography Instructor Natalia Dobrova

See you in September on the day of the Autumnal Equinox 🙂💖🙏

Founder and Leader of the project "Technology of Happiness"

Alexander Chernov


The project "Happiness Technologies" is aimed at helping people to consciously move along the path of their Destination to Happiness, Prosperity and Abundance in their lives, developing a sense of responsibility for their life, for their well-being and their country; the formation of the Synergy of Masters of different directions to increase the efficiency of their work.


The Organizational Committee Global Kids Meditation Happy Planet

expresses deep gratitude to the Ukrainian colleagues for the warm and productive cooperation.