Vadim Demchog in support of Global Kids Meditation «Happy Planet» 20.03.2020

Updated: Jan 27, 2020


Listen to your heart right now. Let's hear it knock - knock knock, knock knock.

Notice how the soft Light is hiding inside your heart. You may never have paid attention to him, but your heart shines. And it always shone. And as soon as you pay attention to this Light, it (Light) receives the ability to increase. This is a very beautiful, very warm and very joyful Light.

And now, your heart begins to shine stronger and stronger, and the Light from it is already spreading throughout your body. A cheerful, laughing Light fills your chest, shoulders, stomach, hips. It flows into the legs and arms ... (at this moment you can stroke those parts of the child’s body that you are talking about) it fills your head ... and all the feelings that bother you easily and simply dissolve in this Light. Yes, yes, he is very strong, this Light. And no obstacles, no illnesses can resist his strength. He dissolves all fears, all unkind thoughts, all not very good impressions of the people around you.

And your body is already so full of Light that not a single drop can fit in it. And the Light begins to flow out. He seems to go beyond your body. And now he is rushing in all directions. And already your whole bed shines with Light. And I (mom or dad) shine with light. And your whole room is already full of Light. Everything in it is put in order, as you see, all the toys come to life and begin to smile at you, because the Light penetrates into them, clears all emotions and insults, and your whole room is already shining with purity, and everything in it is in it.

But the Light in the heart continues to arrive. And he no longer fits even in the walls of your room. He begins to dissolve the walls and flow out. And you understand that for the Light of your heart there are no obstacles and boundaries. And even the walls cannot limit it and hold it. And now the Light of your heart is already rushing in all directions, and the whole city is already shining with this Light. Glowing houses, streets, squares. Your kindergarten (or school) is full of this Light, begin to shine clean and orderly.

And now, the Light flowing from your heart already embraces all you know, mom and dad, grandfather and grandmother, all your near and dear ones. He hugs all yours

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