...Value of information

The value of information is always subjective and is determined by the capabilities of the respondent, his goals, objectives, level of sensitivity and degree of knowledge. The question of evaluating information is always in direct communication with the person who translates this information.

The personality and its internal appearance is formed by the assimilation of information about the real life of society and its value orientations, including in the actions of a particular person.

“Information about various human actions, about norms of behavior, system of values, about various events of the current reality are assimilated through various channels of information and form the worldview, psychology, the whole internal image”.

Through information, an individual or collective subject chooses a way to act when striving to achieve a goal. The action of a person or the action of a group of people is preceded by a decision.

The act of decision making is a discharge of socio-psychological energy, which occurs as a result of informational and signaling impact3. This effect on a person, as an object of the social system, occurs through numerous channels of all his connections and relations.

The result of a wide range of communications is a change of installation patterns of behavior.




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